AAEES Patrons Program

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists has been in existence for over 60 years, credentialing professionals in environmental engineering and science, educating the public about the value of environmental systems, working with ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) as the Lead Society in the accreditation of over 60 college and university Environmental Engineering programs, and providing recognition for noteworthy projects and programs in the annual Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science competition.

The Academy has greatly benefited from the collaborative spirit and active participation of its sponsoring societies. However, from the standpoint of economic support, the Academy's endeavors have focused on individual membership and the actions of these individuals in implementing its goals. To sustain the Academy's programs and enhance their effectiveness, the Academy is implementing a Patrons Program that is being offered in:

  • Corporate/Consulting firms and
  • Public Agency/Government organizations.

It is the Academy's firm belief that the synergistic impact of individual membership activities, coupled to support by the organizations in which they work, will create a powerful success model that will enable the Academy to better implement its organizational goals and mission.

The Patrons Program umbrella is expansive. Its intent is to have our patrons effectively co-brand with the Academy for everything that it does in outreach to either members or the general public.

The list below is a summary of the Patrons Program elements that participants receive.

  • Featured recognition of Patrons on the AAEES website with a direct link to the Patron's website. We will establish a rotating schedule of all Patrons' content that features a noteworthy event or project undertaken within their overall portfolio. AAEES staff will work with Patrons' staff to structure their content and format. This aspect of the program benefits both the Patron and the Academy in publicizing the profession, its relevance, and its accomplishments.
  • Oral and visual recognition (signage/logo) for Patrons at all AAEES events.
  • Prominent recognition/logo display in Who's Who in Environmental Engineering and Science.
  • Prominent recognition/logo display in the Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook.
  • A listing in the Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook, featuring the Patron organization's Board Certified staff and its overall capabilities, at no-charge.
  • Two complimentary tickets to the annual Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Awards Conference and Luncheon (E3S) in Washington, DC.
  • Two complimentary entries for the E3S competition.
  • Waiver of certification application and examination fees for a Patron's employees.
  • Prominent publication space/Logo recognition in the Environmental Engineer and Scientist quarterly magazine.

The Patrons Program is much more effective in providing consistent recognition for our Patrons. Wherever the Academy goes and wherever Academy materials appear, those of its Patrons also appear.

In establishing the Patrons Program the Academy acknowledges and appreciates the past economic support of corporate, agency, and academic entities. Their support for individual events and programs has been beneficial to the Academy. We believe that the Patrons Program outlined here will be more effective in achieving the goals of the Academy in developing its programs, and more effective in providing the recognition that our Patrons seek for their sponsorship of the Academy.

Administratively, the Patrons Program enables Patrons to support the full slate of Academy activities through one annual contribution. We are setting annual Patron contribution commitments of:

  • $8,000 for Corporate/Consulting category
  • $6,000 for Public Agency/Government category

We invite you to consider having your organization become an Academy Patron. Your decision to participate will trigger our sending you a simple 'Patrons Program Participation Agreement' that lists the program features and benefits. This will be followed by contact from the Academy staff to determine your preferred invoicing and form of payment information. We will also need to have Patrons' staff contact information to ensure that we have requisite materials -- accurate logos, entity identification, website links, and other items -- to enable us to create the content we will use to maximize your exposure and recognition as an Academy Patron.

Should you have questions please contact:

Burk Kalweit
AAEES Executive Director (BKalweit@aaees.org)
Phone: 410.266.3311

AAEES Patrons

Public Agencies

  • City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
  • DC Water
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Orange County Sanitation District
  • Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Consulting Firms

  • CDM Smith
  • Geosyntec
  • Wood PLC

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