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Specialty Certification Renewal

This page provides information regarding the required annual renewal of specialty certification. Detailed guidance governing the mandatory Continuing Professional Development and related forms are provided in downloadable form for use by BCEEs, BCEEMs or BCESs, see below.

Annual Renewal Required

The specialty certification issued by the Academy must be renewed annually. The necessary forms and instructions are supplied to certified individuals each fall. Properly completed forms are due on or before December 31. A 30-day grace period is offered which ends January 31. BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs who miss the renewal deadline are not listed in the current edition of Who's Who in Environmental Engineering and Science®. As long as we have your renewal by January 31, you will be included in the publication. You will also avoid being charged a 10% late fee that will be imposed on all membership renewals processed after February 1.

Certification Renewal Requirements

Certification renewal requires that a BCEE, BCEEM, or BCES certify that:

  1. His or her professional engineering license(s) has not been challenged, suspended, or revoked. If it has, a written explanation must be provided which is then reviewed by the Recertification Committee which is empowered to decide whether the certification is to be continued (BCEE only).
  2. He or she has completed at least 40 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) of continuing professional development activities in the immediately preceding two years (e.g., 2013 and 2014 for 2015 certification renewal) to maintain an Active certification.

BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs are not required to submit a report of Continuing Professional Development activities as part of annual certification renewal. The individual's certification of compliance with all requirements for continuing specialty certification is accepted without the submission of a report. Two percent of all Academy BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs are randomly chosen for audit by the Recertification Committee annually. If audited, a report of continuing professional development on the Academy's prescribed report forms together with documentation must be submitted to the Recertification Committee for its review.

Renew Online

You may now renew your specialty recertification online. To renew online (or just to update your membership information, click here to go to the AAEES Center. Click here if you need instructions to use the AAEES Center.

If you cannot renew online or if you need to renew using a check, you may still renew your recertification via mail by downloading a blank renewal form at https://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/members/RenewalPackage-2020.pdf or by emailing Joyce Dowen at JDowen@aaees.org to request a hard copy of your renewal.

For the blank form, please print or type your name, Member Class (Active, Inactive, Active Life or Inactive Life), and area in which you were certified. Use the two letter code as supplied below:

Environmental Engineers

  • AP for Air Pollution Control
  • ES for Environmental Sustainability
  • GE for General Environmental Engineering
  • HW for Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation
  • IH for Industrial Hygiene
  • RP for Radiation Protection
  • SE for Sanitary Engineering
  • SW for Solid Waste Management
  • WW for Water Supply and Wastewater

Environmental Scientists

  • AR for Air Resources
  • EB for Environmental Biology
  • EC for Environmental Chemistry
  • EM for Environmental Microbiology
  • ET for Environmental Toxicology
  • GW for Groundwater and the Subsurface Environment
  • HM for Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation
  • SM for Solid Waste Management
  • SR for Surface Water Resources
  • SS for Sustainability Science

If you are unable to renew your specialty certification online, you may download a blank renewal form at https://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/members/RenewalPackage-2020.pdf.

If you still have not renewed for 2019, you may speak with Joyce at 410-266-3311 or you may download a blank renewal form at https://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/members/RenewalPackage-2019.pdf.

Please take the time to ensure that you have completed the form in its entirety. You may fax in the Specialty Certification Renewal Form if you are using Visa, MasterCard or Discover to pay your renewal fees (410-266-7653). If you are using a check or money order, then mail in your form and payment to:

American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists®
Specialty Certification Renewal
147 Old Solomons Island Road, Suite 303
Annapolis, MD 21401

Continuing Professional Development

Detailed guidance on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements can be found on this web site at Continuing Professional Development Guidance.

Additionally, this site contains the approved AAEES report forms. You may download the form by clicking this link: Annual Professional Development Credit Report Form.

The above listed documents are provided in PDF format. Clicking on the link (underlined text) will open the file containing the document in Adobe Acrobat. Click here to access the latest Adobe Reader.

It is recommended that BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs use these forms to maintain an ongoing record of their continuing professional development activities as guide to ensuring their compliance with this requirement.

Inactive Certification

Inactive status is for those BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs who chose not to comply with the Continuing Professional Development requirements or opt not to successfully complete an oral examination every two years.

The Academy's "Inactive" specialty certification is modeled on the practice of some states that allows engineers to maintain their license in suspended status, but precludes them from practicing engineering. The Academy's Inactive classification eliminates the continuing professional development requirement and requires the BCEE or BCEEM to eschew representations that they are specialty certified.

The Inactive certification can easily be restored to Active status. BCEEs, BCEEMs, and BCESs interested in these procedures should contact Academy headquarters.


Fees increased for 2020. To renew for 2020, the annual dues are:

  • Active: $225.
  • Inactive: $225.
  • Extra Specialty: $50 no change.
  • Emeritus: $85.
  • Life (Active and Inactive), there still is no fee no change.

Click here for detailed information on Certification Status.

Click here for information on Requirements for Maintaining and Reinstating AAEES Specialty Certification.

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