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The AAEES Young Professionals Program is designed to assist early-career Environmental Engineers and Environmental Scientists in becoming established in their chosen field and specialty.

If you have less than 8 years of experience working in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science you are eligible to apply to join our Young Professionals Program. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen your ties to the Academy's community of established practitioners.

For someone just beginning their career in environmental engineering or environmental science, or for those who already have several years of experience, the young professionals (YP) program is designed to help you succeed in your chosen field. Our YP Program will keep you informed of events in the Academy's community while also providing the resources and networking you need for career advancement. The YP program's intent is to give those with less than eight years of professional experience a channel for joining the Academy community. The YP program is designed to help guide your environmental engineering or science career and to prepare you for Board Certification by the AAEES when you become eligible.

An AAEES Young Professional member will receive:

  • Targeted Topical Meetings. These sessions will be led by an Academy member and will feature a presentation and related materials from the specialty he/she is working in. (Sessions may be available through online webcasts.) Each session will be 1.5 to 2 hours with the schedule being set by members of the Young Professionals Program. These meetings will be held periodically and most can be attended from your computer!
  • Access to Speakers. AAEES and its members will recruit and arrange for speakers who are experts in a technical area to serve as presenters at local YP meetings.
  • Workshops. AAEES will provide workshops to engage young professionals like you in interactive problem solving. Academy members will provide real world examples of projects they have worked on or are currently working on.
  • Site Visits. The Academy will work with YP members to arrange site visits to locations where Academy Board Certified professionals are active in project implementation.
  • Career Opportunities. We promote activities that lead directly to opportunities for employment and career advancement.
  • Networking. Build connections with the Board Certified professionals to add to the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Also, the Young Professionals Program will enable members to connect with potential employers in their area.
  • Other. We will work collaboratively with our Young Professionals Program members to tailor the content being delivered to topics with the highest levels of interest. We will also publish a YP newsletter that will report on YP news and activities with a focus on enabling our YP members to report their own events to a national audience.

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How to Apply for AAEES Young Professionals Program Through the AAEES Center

  1. Click on this link to access the AAEES Center.
  2. Click Log In.
    • If you have previously created an account, simply log in using your primary email address and password.
    • If you are new to the AAEES Center, click on New Visitor Registration and follow the instructions to create a new account as a visitor.
  3. Your account profile will appear.
  4. Click on Shop AAEES on the left side of the page.
  5. Scroll through the Featured Products.
  6. Select Apply for Young Professionals Program and add the item to your cart. The price listed is the annual membership fee.
  7. Check Out
  8. After the transansaction is completed, click on My Downloadable Products to download the application.
  9. Follow the instructions on the application.

*Can't create an account on the AAEES Center? Click here to download the application.

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