Download the Student Chapter Package Materials

How to Start a Student Chapter

AAEES Student Chapters are easy to form, especially if you have a group of students who have already formed an environmental society on your campus. With everything that is going on nationally and globally, this is a great time to form a chapter and get plugged into the environmental profession at an early point in your career. Here is an outline of the four easy steps you can take to form a student chapter:

  • Gather a list of undergraduate and/or graduate students majoring in Environmental Engineering (or related disciplines) of Environmental Science (or related disciplines) and related sciences who want to join AAEES and form a Student Chapter.
  • Find a Faculty Advisor who is willing to provide guidance.
  • Obtain approval from your university or college to form an AAEES Student Chapter. Your faculty advisor can help with this. Usually, this involves approval at the departmental level, but each school has its own requirements.
  • Fill out and submit the forms in the Student Chapter Package, one of which affirms certain responsibilities you will have as a chapter.

For additional information on starting an AAEES Student Chapter, email Student Chapter Coordinator, Marisa Waterman at MWaterman at aaees dot org.

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