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The Environmental Engineering BOK (EnvE BOK) describes the knowledge and core competencies important for the understanding and practice of environmental engineering. It builds on ABET outcomes applicable to all engineering specialties by adding outcomes specific and unique to environmental engineering. For each outcome, the EnvE BOK estimates the cognitive rigor and applicative relevance level appropriate for the baccalaureate, masters, and practitioner levels. However, it may not be reasonable to expect all individuals to attain all outcomes at the estimated levels. Accordingly, the estimated rigor and relevance levels should be viewed as targets or guides to an appropriate level of outcome attainment. Likewise, statements made relating to "meeting" or "attaining" the EnvE BOK outcomes should be interpreted as targets or guides to an appropriate level of attainment. As the profession gains more experience and familiarity with the EnvE BOK, some outcomes and performance levels may be judged to be of universal importance and could become part of accreditation and licensure criteria.

The EnvE BOK recognizes that environmental engineering is rapidly evolving. Therefore, the EnvE BOK is intended to be an aspirational guide for environmental engineering educational programs and for individual professional development. It is intended to facilitate adaptation to future challenges and needs. It is not expected that every graduating or practicing environmental engineer will achieve all outcomes at the same level. Rather, educational programs will develop unique educational objectives based on the needs of their constituencies and will emphasize the outcomes that support those objectives. Likewise, environmental engineers will pursue life-long learning activities to emphasize the outcomes that support their professional career objectives. Accordingly, the EnvE BOK is not intended to be prescriptive, but instead to be directional, forward looking; and more of a compass than a detailed roadmap.

The full text of the EnvE BOK may be viewed by clicking this link.

To learn more more, visit the Environmental Engineering Body of Knowledge online at http://www.cece.ucf.edu/bok/.

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