ABET Program Criteria

At the suggestion of the AAEES Engineering Education Committee, we are posting a document here that is a "Commentary" on the ABET Environmental Engineering Program Criteria. This document was generated on behalf of the Academy by the members of the Education Committee. The document is primarily intended to:

  • assist AAEES/ABET program evaluators in applying the Environmental Engineering program criteria, and
  • assist Environmental Engineering program administrators in preparing for ABET visits.

This document will be maintained and reviewed for update annually by the Education Committee.

A second purpose of this document is to inform the Academy membership of the work that ABET and the Academy are collaborating on to maintain and update the standards that college and university environmental engineering programs must meet when seeking accreditation from ABET.

The "Commentary" posted here is intended for public dissemination on behalf of the Academy's Education Committee. We believe it will make an important contribution to the 2016-17 accreditation cycle that is now beginning. We hope the Commentary will serve as a touchstone for educators as they close out the 2015-16 academic year and begin the important task of updating their programs to keep them at the forefront of the evolution of the environmental field.

Click here to download the document, Commentary on the ABET Program Criteria for Environmental Engineering Programs, May 2016

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